Today in the competitive commercial real estate market, it is imperative that tenants experience robust wireless communications in buildings. Wireless connectivity can no longer be considered an amenity, instead it has emerged as the fourth utility. Major telecom carriers are shifting responsibility for cellular coverage and capacity to the enterprise. This means property managers and IT professionals must research and invest in cellular technologies to support the growing data demands of tenants and buildings.

When it comes to determining the optimal fit for your in-building wireless needs, it is best to discount the hype and really think about what you are trying to accomplish. At JMA Wireless, we are aggressive in delivering connectivity and helping our customers implement premium solutions that lower total cost of ownership. We are answering complex challenges with customized solutions that are smart and sophisticated, yet astonishingly simple to deploy and manage. Our technology has been deployed in many of the largest high-rise office buildings around the globe and with the most distinguished REITs.


Connecting the smart buildings of tomorrow.

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Webinar: @ The Edge - Corporate Real Estate Leaders Talk Tech Innovation
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Thursday, October 5, 2017
12:30 - 2:00 pm EST

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There are many moving parts to owning, leasing and operating a Corporate Real Estate portfolio. In some cases, companies are landlords and in others they are tenants. The complexity of managing these assets is daunting. Multiple processes and large data sets create a perfect environment for an accelerated deployment of technology, automation and innovation. With so much to streamline, combined with a multitude of solutions, developing a cohesive, comprehensive strategy is critical. This webinar will host some of the worlds most respected and successful thought leaders ready to discuss tech innovation for Corporate Real Estate.