FRO™ (Fast Roll-off) technology


Increased Throughput Without

Compromising Coverage

Eliminate signal interference
  • The horizontal beam produced by Fast Roll-Off (FRO) technology increases the Signal to  Interference & Noise Ratio (SINR) by eliminating overlap between sectors.

Improved throughput with sinr
  • The LTE radio automatically selects the best throughput based on measured SINR

  • When noise level is high (low SINR), the LTE  radio is forced to reduce throughput by  downgrading modulation scheme.

  • When noise level is low (high SINR), the LTE  radio increases throughput by upgrading  modulation scheme.

Circular  Polarization

Maximize Connectivity Regardless

of Antenna Polarization

Ideal Polarization Scenario

Receive signal is maximized when polarization is perfectly paired. In an ideal scenario both antenna polarizations are in the same plane and perfectly paired resulting in maximum receive signal strength.

Actual polarization scenario

In a mobile environment the mobile antenna polarization is consistently changing. Therefore, a fixed polarization transmit antenna is almost NEVER perfectly paired with the mobile antenna and receive signal suffers.

Solving the Issue

A circular polarized antenna has constantly changing polarization.  At one point in every rotation of the signal, the antenna is ALWAYS paired with the mobile antenna regardless of its position. Therefore, the receive signal strength (RSSI) is maximized at least once every rotation.


innovative antenna design


Designed for Maximum Performance

Only 15" Wide Footprint

nWav Macro Antennas save space & leasing costs but don't sacrafice performance or reliability.

Unique Array Face
  • Low band element design allows effective tessellation of low & high band elements to achieve excellent FRO pattern performance

  • (2) high band arrays designed to achieve FRO within SON-ready lambda spacing

  • Both low & high band elements designed to achieve >25 dB isolation lambda spacing

4.3-10 Connection Ports
  • Exclusive 4.3-10 compression connectors achieve long term reliability & performance

  • Color coded AISG compliant labeling eases installation

  • Compatible with JMA Wireless’ Weather Protection System (WPS) products

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