E-DAS Solution

Supports Multiple Carriers
$0.40/sq ft
Cost Effective Architecture
Future Proof Technology

No dedicated Backhaul required

With the E-DAS solution, an enterprise femtocell (e-femto) or microcell interconnects with the IP network, which is used as the RF source for the DAS, resulting in a much more flexible and cost effective architecture.  Multiple bands and multiple carriers can be supported on one network.  Capacity and coverage can be tailored to meet wireless communications needs.  For example, an office building may require additional capacity due to the number of employees working in it while the accompanying parking garage may need less.  With the E-DAS platform coverage is enabled by providing low power RF input or POI (point of interconnection) in the Master Unit, which feeds out of the antenna ports of the e-femto/microcell and into the DAS.  Since they are fully integrated into the E-DAS no dedicated backhaul is needed.  Plus the number of nodes is minimized. EDAS_Web_Graphic_2.png

flexible antenna options

The flexible E-DAS platform supports different types of antennas based on the RF needs of the environment.  Both SISO (single input, single output) and MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) implementations can be enabled.  In addition, it easily can support a variety of technologies including LTE, VoLTE as well as future ones such as 5G. 

the cost-effective wireless solution

The E-DAS platform is very competitively priced in comparison to other offerings in the market today.  The cost per square foot runs around $0.40 for a smaller facility (approximately 50K square feet) and gradually decreases as the square footage increases (approximately $0.30 for a larger facility - 300,000 square feet.  Furthermore, the approximate costs listed above include all cabling required (e.g. coax, fiber, etc.).  When you add a second mobile operator to the wireless system the cost widens even further in favor of utilizing DAS technology for enterprises.