State-of-the-art connectivity sets the stage for smart stadiums
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JMA Wireless and Shared Access Announce Partnership to Empower the Next Generation Smart Sports Venues Across Europe

State-of-the-art connectivity sets the stage for smart stadiums

Twickenham, United Kingdom [SEAT Europe Conference] – April 25, 2017 – JMA Wireless, a global leader of wireless communications solutions, and Shared Access Ltd., an independent owner and operator of wireless infrastructure, have partnered to build key wireless infrastructure that enables sports venues to become “smart stadiums”. This partnership was announced officially today during the Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology (SEAT) Conference being held at Twickenham Stadium this week. 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with an innovative infrastructure provider, such as Shared Access, to build on our leadership position in the smart stadium movement,” stated Todd Landry, Corporate Vice President of Product and Market Strategy at JMA Wireless. “Shared Access has significant experience deploying wireless technologies, and we have a joint mission in mind that can benefit clubs everywhere.” 

Shared Access has a portfolio of more than 50,000 site locations across the UK and Ireland. The company works with venue owners regarding their facility investments and how to ensure the best wireless communication infrastructure solution is deployed for their stadium. As an example of their innovative thinking, Shared Access builds lighting solutions in these venues, and they uniquely integrate wireless systems into the facility’s lighting infrastructure.

“Shared Access wanted to partner with the industry’s leading technology innovator, and JMA Wireless was the obvious choice,” said Chris Jackman, CEO at Shared Access. “JMA Wireless provides technically superior products that not only meet the immediate expectations of venue owners, but ensure that the wireless system is ready for the future.” 

The sports industry is on a constant mission to find new ways to engage and entice their fan base to be in the stadium seats during matches, a major driver of revenues for the clubs. Fans are eager to share their experience using social networks, stay abreast of the status of other matches, want quick and easy ways to get refreshments and food, or want to review replays on their mobile devices during a match. These kinds of activities are only possible if a powerful wireless infrastructure is deployed. JMA Wireless has experience in more than 50 of the industry’s largest stadiums and is known for enabling the most connected sports environments in the world.

“Mobile wireless connectivity is becoming critical utility for consumers and enterprises. Consumers are demanding seamless wireless connectivity everywhere, especially at event venues such as stadiums where they increasingly share experiences with their family and friends through social networks,” according to Kyung Mun, Senior Analyst at Mobile Experts. “In addition to meeting consumer demand, enterprises are seeing productivity benefits of having robust wireless connectivity at venues as well, such as food ordering, location finding and other value-added services, which ultimately increases fan experiences at stadiums. We see higher value of wireless for venue or building owners than operators in many enterprise cases, and we expect more enterprises to drive and fund in-building wireless projects.”

To further build out the ecosystem for scalable infrastructure delivery and to support the smart stadium mission buildout, Shared Access has partnered with NET Coverage Solutions Ltd., one of the UK’s largest system integrators in the cellular space.

“With experienced partners and innovators such as Shared Access and JMA Wireless, NET is very excited about the opportunities in the sports and entertainment industry,” declared Peter Morrell-Brown, Owner of NET Coverage Solutions Ltd. “Our combined expertise will provide clubs with a powerful wireless connectivity foundation that will enable the smart stadium movement.”

JMA Wireless is a leading innovator of in-venue and outdoor distributed multi-operator wireless systems and the TEKO DAS (distributed antenna system) is at the heart of connecting fans, and is the industry’s most powerful and fastest growing wireless DAS. The TEKO platform is optimized to reduce infrastructure requirements while ensuring that the radio signals provide the strongest performance and coverage for mobile users in a stadium. Its future-proof technology has enabled mobile operators to bring new and faster services to venues with little to no impact on the physical infrastructure. JMA Wireless brings complete end-to-end stadium technology, from the antennas, to the connectors and the radio infrastructure. Its roadmap is designed to empower multiple operators and technologies simultaneously, including the upcoming Internet of Things (IoT) radio technologies.

During the SEAT conference this week executives from the sports and entertainment industry have come together to discuss and learn about ways to leverage the latest technologies in their facilities. At the event, JMA Wireless executives will lead a roundtable discussion on the topic of building smart sports venues. Participants who are considering future technology and how to best empower their venues to capitalize on new technology are encouraged to join this key session. In addition to presenting, JMA Wireless is also the Global Diamond Sponsor for the SEAT event in the UK as well as for the upcoming one focused on the Americas.

About Shared Access

Shared Access is an independent owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure, leasing space on our sites to different mobile network operators. Our portfolio of over 50,000 site locations has been assembled through partnerships with major sporting and farming organizations available for development across the UK and Ireland. We work jointly with our partners to focus our investment on their members’ facilities while delivering well located wireless communication infrastructure solutions for our customers. Our investment strategies include the development and build of both conventional shared towers and floodlight schemes with integrated antenna systems. Additionally, we offer landlords with existing mobile network operators on their land an opportunity to turn their rental income into a non-refundable upfront cash lump sum, thus removing the risk that this income could be lost or reduced. For further information visit our website at

About NET Coverage Solutions Ltd.

NET Coverage Solutions Ltd (established 2003) is one of the UK’s largest systems integrators in the cellular industry. NET is a unique supplier to the UK cellular industry in that it has the capability, experience, skillsets and staff to complete ANY and ALL sizes and types of cellular solutions in-house: from closed access domestic femtocells to multi-sector, multi-operator, multi-technology macro/pico cells. From initial evaluation surveys to commissioning, and every step in between, NET can provide bespoke services to operators, landlords, property developers, and private clients. NET’s capabilities also extend beyond that of merely a systems integrator, challenging established ideas and trying to introduce new methods and procedures. For further information, visit our website at

About JMA Wireless

JMA Wireless is the leading global innovator in mobile wireless connectivity solutions that ensure infrastructure reliability, streamline service operations, and maximize wireless performance. Employing powerful, patented innovations, their solutions portfolio is proven to lower the cost of operations while ensuring lifetime quality levels in equipment and unrivaled performance for coverage and high-speed mobile data. JMA Wireless solutions cover macro infrastructure, outdoor and indoor distributed antenna systems and small cell solutions. JMA Wireless corporate headquarters are located in Liverpool, NY with manufacturing, R&D, and sales operations in over 20 locations worldwide. For more information, see or follow us on Twitter @JMAwireless.

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