JMA Wireless Extends Fast Growing Teko Line
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New UltraWatt DAS Remote Unit from JMA Wireless
Extends Fast Growing Teko Line

The innovative Teko DAS platform’s new Remote Unit delivers true multi-band 40 watt power with superior EVM performance in the industry’s smallest footprint

Liverpool, New York – September 8, 2015 -- JMA Wireless, a global innovator of wireless communications solutions, announced today the launch of its new high power UltraWatt Remote Unit.  This recent addition to the Teko DAS (distributed antenna system) platform is ideal for supporting multi-operator, multi-technology applications that serve large, high capacity environments.  It delivers unrivaled 9.5 dB PAR (Peak to Average Ratio) results in an outstanding 390 watt peak power capability.

“The UltraWatt takes high power remote units to the next level,” stated Gilberto Brizzi, Director of DAS Product Management at JMA Wireless.  “Unlike other offerings currently in the marketplace, the UltraWatt’s superior EVM performance is 256 QAM ready, and provides robust coverage and capacity with one of the smallest footprints in the industry.”

EVM, or Error Vector Magnitude, performance has a direct effect on mobile phone capabilities such as the QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) level that a signal can be modulated.  The UltraWatt leverages advanced amplifier techniques that enable the handling of average power versus peak power considerations; thereby, optimizing for PAR results.  IMD mitigation at the PA delivers excellent results.  With an optimized high isolation cavity combiner it delivers up to 96 dB of isolation.  All of this contributes to the best performing high power remote in the industry with EVM in the sub 1% level.

To align with the latest industry standards and to minimize PIM, the UltraWatt utilizes 4.3-10 connectors.  The enclosure is designed for NEMA4/IP66, and its form factor is ideal for direct outdoor pole-mount or can be concealed as part of the streetscape in dense urban environments.

The UltraWatt supports multiple bands and provides a unique public safety co-siting capability.  The complete list of supported bands include SMR700, SMR800 Commercial, AMPS, Extended PCS, and AWS-3.

In addition to the UltraWatt Remote Unit, the Teko DAS portfolio from JMA Wireless includes a wide range of products supporting indoor or outdoor NEMA4/IP66 solutions.  The 1 watt Remote Unit can be used to ensure robust cellular signal distribution inside buildings while the 20 watt Remote Unit is perfect for enabling both outdoor/tunnel and in-building coverage.

The UltraWatt is available now.  For more information visit

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