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Pairing Millimeter Wave Spectrum with sub-6GHz Spectrum
Highly-differentiated Quadplex™ approach pairs millimeter wave spectrum for downlink with sub-6GHz spectrum for the uplink to uniquely enable high-performance, cost-effective, and power-efficient 5G systems. PHAZR's 5G network products operate in the 24GHz to 40GHz frequency range in the downlink while using 3.5GHz or 5GHz spectrum in the uplink.

Directing & Steering Radio Energy in the Air
Just like the Phaser beams in the Star Trek series, Millimeter wave beams can adjust both beamwidth and output power levels to direct and steer radio energy to the targeted users. At these frequencies, antenna elements get smaller making it possible to pack hundreds of them into small form factor 2D arrays. These Hyperdense™ arrays steer the data transmissions in both the vertical and horizontal dimensions to deliver Gigabit/s rates to the specific users being serviced.

Integrated Radio Access & Backhaul
Quadplex™ and Hyperdense™ beamforming technologies power our multi-Gigabit/s RABACK™ (Radio Backbone) nodes that support both wireless access and backhaul sharing the same millimeter wave spectrum, hardware and software. This eliminates the need for acquiring, deploying and maintaining two separate networks thereby reducing OPEX and CAPEX for the mobile service providers.

Edge Computing, Control and Analytics
ECCAN™ is a software and analytics solution that runs on general-purpose commodity cloud infrastructure. It acts as the brains of the 5G network performing functions such as radio resource management, SON/ SDN control and data analytics for radio network performance optimization. The logically centralized control layer enables decisions to be made with global visibility offering the benefits of C-RAN without the need for fronthaul which becomes cost prohibitive due to extremely wide bandwidths and large array of antennas used for 5G.

Same footprint as in 4G LTE small cells enables a simple
Quadplex™ and Hyperdense™ beamforming technologies deliver 1,024X more capacity and 128X faster experience compared to 4G LTE. Furthermore, small size of antennas and other RF components at millimeter waves enable Antenna, RF and baseband integration in a small form factor RABACK nodes. These compact RABACK nodes can be mounted outdoor or indoor - on towers, on utility poles, sides of buildings or anywhere a power connection exist, making installation less costly and easier.

Mobile and Fixed Access on
Each RABACK cell site supports nearly 100Gb/s capacity which is more than enough to provide access to mobile & IoT devices as well as fixed Gigabit/s access to a large number of residential and business customers in the RABACK coverage area (200-800 meters cell radius).

5G Route for Fixed Wireless Access
Gazer™ reimagines Internet access from wired broadband to a completely new experience of Hyperfast™ Gigabit/s fixed wireless access for the home and enterprise. Gazer can be user installed inside the building and includes 5G Millimeter wave modem and built-in 802.11ac W-Fi for instantaneous access to data-intensive applications including 4K & VR streaming.
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