What is Digital Electricity™?

FUZE Digital Electricity

Digital Electricity™ is a new, patented way to deliver safe and reliable AC or DC power to remote locations at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. At JMA Wireless, we are proud of our ability to provide an innovative, unique solution to today’s complex implementation challenges. A combination of IP network transport with fiber-distributed RF DAS and Digital Electricity power creates a powerful Heterogenous Network delivery platform that lowers deployment costs significantly and streamlines your installation.

When a project calls for touch-safe transmission of electricity, there is simply no better solution than Digital Electricity. Our solution protects against high current, ground fault, arc fault, high resistance and touch hazards. FUZE transmitters and receivers can power remote locations up to a mile away with packet transfer verification, all done using standard Cat 6 Ethernet cable. For digital control of the wide array of devices deployed in the IoT era, choose Digital Electricity.

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DAS Deployment Solutions

You don’t want to install DAS equipment that makes your building resemble a utility closet, and neither do we. With JMA Wireless FUZE™ deployment solutions, there’s an emphasis on aesthetics with enclosures that mount and conceal remote units in a clean, simple design. At JMA Wireless, we don’t consider the aesthetics and safety of your building an afterthought. Instead, with FUZE, we offer our customers a remote unit mounting kit that puts both form and function on equal footing. FUZE™ mounting and enclosure solutions remove unsightly mounting boards, protect against moisture (IP66) and streamline cable connections to reduce risk and clutter.


FUZE PowerBoost

Macro Power Solutions

Today’s high performance remote radio heads (RRH) are consuming more power than ever to deliver the capacity and reliability customers have come to expect. This increased demand introduces new challenges in providing the correct voltage and power to the radio head. JMA Wireless PowerBoost uses innovative intelligence to monitor the radio power load and automatically adjust voltage to the radios, ensuring maximum efficiency during power delivery.



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