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JMA Wireless Public Safety System
The most advanced critical communication system
IoT Sensor & Controller Ready
Leveraging a common fiber infrastructure and integral technologies, such as Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON), IoT safety sensing technologies become and extend part of the JMA Wireless system.
Seamless interface with existing commercial DAS (distributed antenna system) results in a cost-efficient offering that supports multiple bands. No need to rip and replace.
The digital electricity option in the FUZE platform conveniently routes power and fiber in a single conduit. Power can be provided easily to remote locations up to one mile away. The use of FUZE also allows for centralized battery-backup which allows for greater reliability and reduces installation costs.
Radio Frequency
Uniquely addresses UL and DL gain stages.  All key Public Safety Band Options: LTE PS700, PS800, SMR900+paging, UHF/VHF with 150Mhz, 450Mhz
Individual channel configuration (12 channels) allows easy amplification of desired channels and ADC.
Notch filters are directly integrated into the RF path resulting in less than 0.1 dB loss (competitive offerings have on average 3 to 4 dB loss) resulting in un-matched output power and noise figure performance. In addition, the need to test for PIM (passive intermodulation) is eliminated.
Secure Deployment
NEMA 4 cabinet safely houses equipment. Furthermore, the FUZE platform offers its own enclosure for additional protection and reliability.



FUZE Mounting Technology

JMA Wireless FUZE portfolio offers integrated mounting technology into its Public Safety System.

Multi-Service Public Safety Head-end Mounting System

  • Flexible and secure public safety enclosure
  • UL60950 & NEBS Level 3 Certified, NEMA rated
  • Integral cooling system
  • Multiple RF sources: repeaters or BTS
  • POIs for low power up to 80 watt
  • Centralized power with FUZE Digital Electricity

FUZE Multi-Service Public Safety Mount Kits

  • All remotes, filters, power, and alternate sensors
  • 100% environmental readiness (NEMA/IP Rated)
  • FUZE Digital Electricity option
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