TEKO DAS Provides All Star Wireless Performance to Fans
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Washington Nationals Deploy Robust Mobile Communications Solution from JMA Wireless 

TEKO DAS Provides All Star Wireless Performance to Fans
Liverpool, NY July 3, 2018 – JMA Wireless, a global leader of wireless communications solutions, is delivering powerful cellular coverage and capacity at Nationals Park, home to the Major League Baseball team, the Washington Nationals. In conjunction with system integrator, Multipath Communications Group (MPCG), the JMA Wireless TEKO DAS (distributed antenna system) and over 400 antennas were deployed in time for the first home game on March 27, 2018. Now the new wireless network can readily support the 41,000 plus fans present at sold out games and events.
The newly expanded 24-sector wireless system was deployed throughout the Nationals Park and has several new capabilities including MIMO functionality, and greater LTE speeds. The new DAS was deployed within 65 days during the off-season as a replacement for two older DAS networks that were not meeting the growing needs of the venue staff and patrons. The MLB sponsor, T-Mobile, led the effort to ensure prior issues would be resolved using JMA Wireless’ TEKO architecture. As this year’s host for the MLB All-Star Game, it is more critical than ever that Nationals Park provides powerful cellular coverage and capacity for a packed stadium of not only our high-data-using fans, but also for the MLB Commissioner, other team owners, and fans who have traveled from across the US to be here.
“T-Mobile is rightfully obsessed about our customers’ experience on the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network,” said the company’s Vice President of National Development, Bob Vorlicek. “JMA Wireless checked off all of the boxes for us with their turnkey DAS network offering – and deployed it in a very timely manner.”
JMA Wireless’ TEKO DAS supports four carriers along with the 700, 800, 850, 1900, 2100, 2300 and 2500 bands, and LTE, CDMA, EVDO and UMTS technologies.
This modular platform completely fits into the room at the head end, ensuring the minimum amount of valuable onsite real estate is used for housing technical equipment. Also, as part of the deployment over 400 antennas were installed. Additional antennas were required in the upper seating areas. To meet stringent requirements, JMA Wireless provided smaller, customized antenna enclosures that were approved by the MLB. JMA Wireless and Multipath Communications Group provided cable routing solutions that ensured any units would not interfere with ingress/egress routes nor obstruct the view of the field while still meeting cellular coverage goals. And, the FUZE mount kits from JMA Wireless included integral termination nodes, bringing fiber-to-the-edge.
"We provide a cost-efficient solution," said Mike Cohn, President of Multipath Communications Group, "And, while we accommodate all scales of jobs, we thrive in a large scale venue where our wireless foundation can really be experienced and enjoyed by all patrons. With the TEKO DAS from JMA Wireless, we were confident we would exceed carrier expectations."
With JMA Wireless antennas, even fans in the upper stands experienced powerful cellular coverage during the Nationals’ first home game.

“Our TEKO DAS has been deployed at almost 90 stadiums and arenas around the world. JMA Wireless has become the “go-to” company for enabling powerful mobile communications in the sports and entertainment industry,” declared Todd Landry, Corporate Vice President of Product and Market Strategy at JMA Wireless. “With the better data throughput speeds that the TEKO DAS provides, the Nationals fans can now experience the best in wireless performance. If fans do not have to think about their cellular coverage, and their devices “just work” then we have done our job.”


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