Michigan Plaza Case Study

Today’s property managers are always looking for an edge in order to stay at the top of the highly competitive commercial real estate market. And, this market is changing rapidly. Over 75 percent of tenants have implemented or are considering BYOD. Employees are mainly using their mobile devices to conduct business in the office with over 80 percent of cell calls occurring in-building. Buildings are becoming smarter and more efficient with IoT. Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure a building offers robust cellular coverage and capacity. This capability is no longer just considered a nice-to-have, but instead it has become a necessity to secure long-term tenants, generate an increased NOI (net operating income) and ensure building profitability.

However, enabling powerful cellular coverage and capacity is shifting away from the major carriers and is falling on the commercial real estate properties. Thanks to our sophisticated yet easy to deploy in-building wireless network solutions, JMA Wireless has become a trusted partner to many of the largest and most distinguished REITs in the world. Our TEKO DAS platform supports multiple operators and multiple bands, making it the perfect solution to support BYOD. This innovative platform also is offered as a C-DAS (centralized DAS), allowing the critical mobile processing equipment to be located offsite so that valuable onsite real estate can be reclaimed to generate further economies of scale. Furthermore, our XRAN™ platform makes it simpler than ever to support in-building cellular connectivity. Today’s IT manager can easily manage this 100 percent software solution that runs on off-the-shelf servers and integrates with existing infrastructure. With XRAN, commercial office properties can cost effectively support all of today’s wireless network needs as well as be ready for 5G.


Connecting the smart buildings of tomorrow.

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