Remote Electrical Downtilt Control Motor, AISG V2.0

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adobe-pdf-icon.png  RET-200 Replacement Instructions

JMA Wireless occasionally releases new firmware on its RET-200 motors to stay updated with the latest IoT requirements and AISG standards which may require new configuration files be used.

If you know the correct firmware version on a given RET-200; use the following links to download the correct antenna configuration file.

Antenna Configuration File

 Use the following link to download the latest firmware for RET-200.

Latest Firmware
Download Version V160311_1

Have Questions About Determining Software Versions?

The firmware version for a given RET-200 can easily be identified in the Software Version field located near the upper left hand corner of the JMA PCU-220 Ret Controller Software:


The firmware verison for a given RET-200 can also be easily identified by the serial # of the RET-200, also known as Unique Identification Number (UID).  Please refer to the following cross-reference table to identify the factory installed firmware verison using RET serial number or UID.

Firmware Version Upgrade Table

RET Serial # (UID) Factory Installed Firmware Version
<= 75000 Contact JMA Wireless Support
>= 75001 Can Upgrade to V160311_1


Contact JMA Wireless Technical Support at +1 888-201-6073 for the proper configuration files and further assistance.